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Toughened/ Tempered glass used in the facades of the big buildings, door windows, tub enclosures and shower doors, side and rear windows in automobiles. In accordance to the client’s specified demand we not only supply custom-made tempered glasses for frameless doors, or spider glazing, but can provide you with the branded hardware and hinges you need to support the channels and the silicones. We also provide you an exclusive range of automotive curved & bend glasses for passenger buses, trucks, and other HMVs. Our range of coach windscreens are compatible to to almost all the models of various automobile company.

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Laminated glass is the only glass to provide durability, high-performance, high security and multi-functional benefits like Sound Control, Ultraviolet Screening, reduction of solar energy transmittance etc. We are one of the largest supplier of laminated glass in the world and can cater to any of your requirement related to its usage in architectural designs as in bullet proof chambers, airports, museums, sound studios, and schools; or in automobiles. Laminated glass also finds usage in areas prone to hurricane & earthquake and to certain extent is resistant to man-made carnage like bomb explosion.

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Depending on the glass type used, IG units can be designed for: light and solar control, sound control, ultraviolet screening (to reduce fading), hurricane, earthquake and blast resistance, security, bullet resistance, and decorative applications. Insulating Glass is used in Storefronts and Curtain Walls, Sloped/Overhead Glazing, Fixed and Openable windows, and also in both vision and spandrel (nonvision) areas.

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